The City tag is an advanced electronic device, replacing today’s simple sticker on car’s window

Some Background

Every year 10% of car owners change their home or work address.

Municipalities invest in expensive manpower to supervise parking in the city.

In the current situation, it's impossible for municipalities to verify the true parking situation according to city zones.

City Tag: An advanced electronic device on resident’s car wind­shield, given by municipalities, offers a remote platform for vehicle-related services.       A combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections allows a parking officer 70% faster car checking and verifying.

CITY PARKING TAG benefits...

can be issued for non-residents & Businesses

More parking

Up to 70% less

Faster, better, and more precise control

Parking officer communicate and verifying with Tags 70% faster with our APP

Changing Tags
data over
the air

On Air Wi-Fi control by city parking office on real time on the devices

Digital control on resident's cars at city zones

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