Disabled person’s tag easily identifies authorized disabled parking permit holders and allows them their right to conveniently park “nearby” their destination.

Some Background

There are disabled people all over the world who need special consideration when it comes to transportation and parking.

In most countries special parking permits are issued to disabled individuals in order to enable them greater convenience in their daily routine.

However, there are a great many instances when these parking permit badges are forged or abused by ordinary citizens or by family members, in order to gain the advantages designated for the disabled.

As a result, a disabled person is forced to park his or her vehicle a longer way from their destination, on sidewalks, or not to park at all!

We invented the disabled people Biometric Tag, a personal disabled digital tag which governments distribute to disabled people, which completely solves the problems of parking abuse & misuse for disabled people trying to park.

Fingerprint swift Identification process takes place

Disabled people tag sets itself automatically and starts blinking on the car dashboard

Disabled people tag shuts
thanks to motion

how DISABLED PEOPLE tag does the work …

DISABLED PEOPLE tag ‘s features

  • The operation of the Biopark is simple and user friendly.
  • The Biopark system is coded for each user as well as the possibility for accompanying persons (such as escorts) if assigned by the authorities.
  • The Biopark cannot be passed on even to family members, if they have not been coded in to the device after proper authorization.
  • The unique software can set the Biopark tags with the disabled person's details, including type of disability, expiry date, additional people needed when driving and many more relevant data.
  • As soon as the fingerprint is processed, the Biopark is ready to work.
  • The authorized user carries the Biopark device with him to any vehicle of his choice. Biopark units are battery operated and can run continuously for months without recharging.
  • Finally, the Biopark unit can be recharged in the car by connecting the USB to the cigarette lighter or using the USB port of any computer.

was awarded the Intertraffic innovation award !!


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